Ali Critelli is no stranger to a recording studio or the stage. From a very young age she was brought up in the performing arts, singing and dancing. Now as an adult, not much has changed. She is a powerhouse, soulful vocalist who has established herself as one of the most in-demand singers in the Western New York area where she is from. After performing professionally for an entire decade and fronting her own band, Ali left her hometown and headed south to Music City, where she now resides.

Ali is not just a singer. For years she stifled her desire to write and perform original music. Now having written a collection of original songs, Ali is eager for the world to view her as the artist she is. Her own music combines live instrumentation along with glossy electronic production, delivering an organic and refreshing Pop/R&B sound.

"I like to call my music ' vibey ' . It's going to make you sway your body and make you feel good. There's also a good chance it'll get stuck in your head."

Ali approaches songwriting from both a personal and objective perspective. Often times her music reflects experiences in her own life but she likes to write in a way that every listener can relate. After releasing a few singles and getting a taste of her new-found artistry, Ali completed her first original EP titled, "Feels." The album is a blend of Soul, Pop, Jazz, and R&B, scheduled to release March 2019.

"I grew up listening to everything from Michael Jackson, to Chicago, to Annie Lennox, to the Police, to Christina Aguilera. I don't like to put my music in a box because my musical tastes aren't one genre."

Just to give you an idea, her debut single off the EP, "Daydreaming," is a light-hearted, flirtatious track featuring live percussion, keys, acoustic guitar, electronic drums and electronic bass. Ali likes to combine live instruments in her music because it reminds her of a time when music was more organic and not electronically driven.

"I like to be able to play my music live with a band and not have to rely on tracks all the time."

Ali's latest single, "Tell Me Your Name"" is a sexy, beat-driven track that was co-written by her friend, a female rapper that goes by the name, Wenzday Atemz. 

For more music by Ali Critelli, you can follow her wherever music is available and on social media.

Ali is excited to launch her debut EP, "Feels" and she hopes you listen.